Miramichi Optometry Clinic
Dr. Greg MacDiarmid
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Professional Examination
 Access to latest technology
Treatment of Eye Disease
 Sore red eyes? Come see us
Insurance Billing
 Billing your health care provider as a service to you.
 Used to establish candidacy for laser surgery, assess the risk for open angle glaucoma, and monitor some corneal problems.
FDT Field Screening
 Testing for glaucoma or neurological disease.
Visual Field Analysis
 Glaucoma and neurological testing
Corneal Topography
 High Tech "map" of the cornea
Laser Corrective Surgery
 Consultations and follow-up care
Low Vision Assessment
 Learning to see the world differently
Eye Glasses
 Quality, fashionable, affordable
Contact Lenses
 Disposable, 1-Day, Toric, Bifocal, Extended Wear, Specialty, Novelty lenses.
Contact Lens Solutions
 Buy in bulk for the best price
Sunglasses / Sports Glasses
 Fashion sunglasses and eye protection
Finishing Laboratory Services
 Edging, mounting, tinting of lenses
Safety Glasses
 Stay current with CSA safety standards